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Writer's Block: Wait, that's not how it happened
How do you feel when an adapted film's story deviates from the original material?

I think people need to understand that those are two different pieces of art. A book is basically a screenplay, and the directors  can do whatever the heck they want to the story, but they should keep in mind that they will not please everyone. Especially, if there is a huge fan base for the book,  in this case, no self-respecting director should pick up that movie if he wants to keep his credibility intact.

To be honest, I was somewhat disappointed with Harry Potter, where they left out parts i left were important altogether. But I also understood that the length of the novel could not be compressed into a watchable movie.Thats why picking up the novel was such a risky endeavor for the producers/directors. And, I feel like they really DID try to keep all the major scenes in, and thats why it seemed so rushed. There wasn't a lot of time to cultivate chemistry between the characters. The novel was less science fiction and more adventure/young adult. The movie was vice versa. 

To me, a movie based on a book is just the directors trying to milk the public for the seasonal hysteria around the novel. (eg: Twilight, Harry Potter) Its cheap, its disgusting, and not really a piece of art. Very few novels could make a successful transition to a viewable platform, so its not the director's fault really. They just shouldn't have picked it up in the first place.

Nissan Quest '97 GONE :(
 So, my mom sold the Nissan Quest. I have to say, I don't want to go outside and see it missing from its usual curbside spot. I'm gonna miss driving the old sucker. It was silver, and so comfortable. Driving a mini van is so much different than driving a sedan and my mom wants to get me a Toyota Corolla. I guess I'm happy, but I like big cars, and i loved the feeling I got from being higher up than regular cars. I know it sounds weird, but i loved the way you could FEEL the acceleration running through ur veins, and how you could feel the road. Newer cars pride themselves on giving the smoothest ride possible, and I hate that. It doesn't feel like a car to me, and i don't feel like im in control...

No ones gonna love it as much as I loved it. I just didn't know it.

I like this shirt better
 So yesterday, I wore a shirt with a Marijuana leaf on it. I thought it'd be proving a point ya know? And plus, I live in the most uptight, white, republicanized  neighborhood around. So I wanted to piss people off. I got to school, and of course everyone STARED. The teachers were cool with it, and so were the students. Most of them just applauded, and cheered me on. At the end of the day I went to the library and the guy told me to zip up my hoodie. I zipped it up halfway, so he kicked me out. that was funny. 

lol. so today at school, the teachers and that librarian was like "I like your shirt today" LOL. But it wasn't a rebel without a cause issue. I really think Marijuana needs to be legalized..... And it gives me a temporary high to see people freak out. 

Oh and at the gym, this pregnant lady was freaking out, and said I LOVE YOUR SHIRT. That was a little bit scary. lololl.

Size 1 Aspirations
 You know the frustrating feeling of wanting something NEEDING something and not being able to have it? I bet you do. I see all these models with purrr-fect bodies and I am not jealous of theirs because I know I can look like that. But its really been a while. When i got a gym membership I thought it'd be a thing where I just put all my energy towards it for a while and it'd eventually happen. But its been three months and no results. My weight fluctuates between 115 to 118 lbs but I do have a chubby midsection/thighs. This is not something I obsess over, but when i was 13,14,15, I saw all these skinny models, I knew i could have their bodies when I grew up, just not then ya know? You're a kid, you want to enjoy life not go on a diet regiment! But now as I near adulthood with my seventeenth birthday just two days away, I wonder if I will forever be that woman that looks at other womens' bodies and envies them, but finds relief in the fact that she could have that body just if she wanted it bad enough? This is really not to hurt any overweight/chubby people. I hope that you can be happy with yourself, as long as you are healthy. I'm not saying that everyone should look alike, but I want to be able to look good in a tight top goddamnit. I know my reasons are pretty weak, but right now they sort of dominate everything else.

I am a very nice person, and I do care about others, so don't let this tirade let you think any less of me please. This is more of a resolution making thread. Here are my plans to compliment that $450 gym membership:

Drink at least 5 glasses of water a day. Carry a water bottle at all times
Eat breakfast
Stop eating after 8 p.m. (this is going to be very interesting)
DO NOT succumb to pressure to buy sweets (soda, muffins, pop tarts)
Eat at least one fruit a day.

Grand Old Palin
 I really really cannot stand Sarah Palin, and even though I lean towards the left, i pity the republican party and the image she reflects on GOP. Ever since the 2008 VP debates I have heard nothing but stupid, nonsensical remarks from her. I'm not the smartest person, but even I know that dinosaurs and humans never co existed. And what absolutely horrifies me is the fact that there are people in this country that actually support her decision to run for president in 2010. I mean, I understand that the Democrat and Republican parties are on the opposite ends of the spectrum, but seriously! Just because you are a republican you don't have to support a candidate whose ideologies, and common sense you don't trust. I wish we had a compromise-party. Damn. What a crazy bitch. She asks for 'privacy' in the matters of her daughter's pregnancy, but she still dangles her children in front of the press for publicity. I'm sure you guys heard the Rahm Emmanuel 'Retarded' comment controversy. BLAH. what a ho. What lengths will some people go for fame, attention and influence. I see no difference in her or Heidi Montag, but I would still be rather stuck in a elevator with Montag. At least she doesn't pretend to be something she can never be. 

What do you think???

You are so BLACK.
Have you ever noticed that in the newspaper, if a black person achieves something,  Media outlets will be like "African American Joseph Smith first man to fly solo" etc... But if its a white person, they'll just write the achievement in the headline. Well, this was the debate in Law In Action class, a lot of people were offended that newspapers' would draw attention to the fact. 

I think I'm the minority in this, but that we're still at the point in history where African Americans achieving something needs to be congratulated. ... . Racism still exists, we're not at the place where we can say racism has disappeared. That time will not come till we stop stereotyping. I know there are people going to say, we can never get past racism if we don't treat everyone equally? I think, that's a slap in the face. That;s like saying, "Well. Too bad what happened to you, but get over it" There's a point when moving forward is productive, there are a lot of feelings here, and we need to take the moving forward thing slowly.

Same thing with Obama being the first Black president. I think its not irritating at all when they specifically mention his race. NOT mentioning race, i think would be kind of trying to make it not that big of a deal. Which I feel like it is, Should it be the constant by which you measure his success in office? Absolutely Not. But the fact that he is the first BLACK president I think is a source of pride for a lot of african americans, and immigrants. It's a beautiful thing. The FIRST black president just five decades after they were even legally equal to whites. It's amazing, and definitely worth mentioning. I think this is a tribute to all those that spent their whole lives being treated less than human. Their achievements were not even properly attributed to them.

Note that I am the person completely ANTI- Affirmative action, So I think race is never a deciding factor in a persons' worth, but if mentioning it makes someone's chest swell with pride, Go right ahead.
There;s some sort of controversy I think with the mention in the media of someones race specifically. And I think I'm going to get widely varying views on this. What do you think?

Life is short. Skip school.
The title is misleading because I've never skipped a day of school my entire life, and despise those who are regulars at it. But it just caught the gist of my article.

So, my moms incredibly pissed because she believes that my future is going to hell. She's too amazing to say it, but I know that's what she thinks. That's what everyone thinks. I don't blame them, but I didn't believe them for the longest time. I think I do now. The moment you realize that your personality and mere love for learning can't get you through school is the moment when you kind of give up on everything. I love to learn, but just about things that I'm interested in. History, English, Law etc... But It really doesn't matter the teeniest bit. Because the world has this measured way of calculating your worth. The college you go to, the GPA you have, the number of AP courses you can handle. its all bullshit. I give my all to something that I love, Every little bit of me. And inversely, I shut down when someone tries to give me information I know has nothing to do with the future I have planned for myself (Algebra, Chemistry, Biology. Little bitches) I refuse to apply myself, or even attempt something that I have no interest in. Life is too short to subject yourself to things like that, I believed. But most people, saw the bigger picture. They saw their future, and knew this was important to suffer through to earn good grades. I envy these people. Because they make their families so proud. I wonder if they're proud of themselves? I want to be a person, I can love. A person who gives hope, who does more in life than sit around in a cubicle trying to make enough money to buy a new car. Thats not me. I'd like to pretend I'm materialistic, But I'm not. I want to grow up to make a difference in peoples' lives, make someone smile, tell them they're loved and wanted. Because to me, the 'bigger picture' is not about getting a comfortable, and settled life on a good pension when I retire. It's never been about me. Never. And, thats something not a lot of people can comprehend or follow. Shove that down your '4.0 average' throat.

Truth is, I can be happy without a college degree, but people/society won't let me live that down EVER. So I will go to college, earn my degree like an obedient kid, and spend the rest of life doing everything exactly the way that this world wants me to.

My nightmare.

Writer's Block: Compare and contrast
What ten words would you use to describe yourself? If your friends were asked to describe you, how closely would all the lists match up?

The List

Making a list for what my friends think is irrelevant. These things that I used to describe myself came from my friends at one point or another. But the ones that all of my friends believe to be true is: confident, LAZY, Feisty, disorganized. Too many of those are positive I think. There ought to be some hidden secrets that I don't know about.

I hate writing a whole article about nothing but me :( oooh. To counteract that: I checked out the peace Corps website to read the lengthier stuff and turns out they give you enough money to live the way the natives live. $1 a day. Great. Before leaving, I'm going to have to get used to living without my laptop, and music :(

Reacton to the musical collaboration to raise $$ for Haiti
It pisses me off that the good people can't do shit, but the rich people refuse to do shit. I see all these musicians, actors, actreses, producers etc.. with so much money and money literally crawling out of their asses and they expect you to love them because they showed up at this charity event. Well, No duhh, you little fucker. The whole country was watching you to take a step, no shit you're gonna donate. And even when they do donate its like such a small amount. yeah, 250k raised from a event attended by Kidman, Cruz, Penn, Bardem, when each of them definitely earns more than three times that amount for a single appearance; FACT: Julia Roberts earned 3 million dollars for appearing in a movie for 6 minutes. FACT: A Rwandan farmer earns $123 a year. yeah thanks, but no thanks!.  And watch these beloved celebs when there isn't a natural disaster, or a highly publicized calamity, they won't take their time to spit in someones face . If I had such an immense amount of wealth, i literally would not know what to do with it except give it away. How many houses, SUVs, handbags and shoes does it take a human being to realize that they are not alone in this world?

Normal people have the excuse of having their children's colleges to pay for, making next months' mortgage, what excuse do these movie stars have??? buying your third house in France, and a St. Barts vacation does not qualify of necessity in my book. A Cadillac Escalade ≠ Necessity. The 30 million dollar piece of art you bought? Might as well have told a dying child to hurry it up already. He was taking up too much oxygen.i don't know if you believe in God or heaven, or paying for your sins, but doesn't a voice in your soul tell you that this is wrong?

i hope they burn in hell for this. Don't judge me for this comment, because if you had ever been out of the states and Europe you would've realized that the peoples definition of poor isn't food stamps or being on welfare. It is not knowing if you can put food on the table tomorrow, or making the choice between your child's education or saving that money. I literally saw children the age when you didn't even know how to tie your laces, selling gum on the streets. And you call those people savages. Look at them, they don't wear shoes, ewww why are they eating that, why are they dressed so dirty? Check yourself. The soles of their feet many be dirtier than yours, but compared to your heart, they are wayy cleaner.

I'm not saying that its a bad thing they have money. Its great actually, they earned it by hard work and perseverance. More power to you, my man. But I'm tired of people suddenly fawning over a celebrity who donates less than .05% of their earnings.
The only thing I've ever honestly wanted to do ever since I was young, was volunteer to the Peace Corps. (except I didn't know what it was called back then), people scoffed, called it a momentary spark of passion, they said "when you're older and make no money in it, You'll see" so I started saying I wanted to be a journalist. This world is ruled by money, for better or for worse, Money is the currency of the realm. Apathy is the worst kind of sin you can commit. It is the worst kind of hate in that it is worse than hate.

i could go on forever, but I'm sensing i've taken too much of your time.

P.S: i wrote this when i was extremely pissed. When i say "you" in the 3rd paragraph, I don't mean you guys <3

Writer's Block: Love songs
What are the best and worst love songs of all time? Are there any that have special meaning to you (whether positive or negative)? Why?

I don't agree with the "Tone Deaf" part of it. The rest pretty much describes what my article is set to prove.

This is going to make me a hella lot of enemies in the girl department, but I gotta say it. Taylor Swift. I feel that, if any woman gets soo much media attention that she could sing about anything and people would listen to her, and shes going around singing about heart break, and longing for guys she can't get. I feel like it's just helping other teenage girls to be dependent for life on the guy in their lives. i find her songs extremely demoralizing., and I stopped listening to her a while ago. when you realize that ALL she sings about is guys, and crushes, and LOOOVEEE, it's just disgusting. I like Pink! no matter how many songs she sings about love, and heart break, she has more songs on female empowerment. But I feel that Taylor has more of an opportunity among teenage girls to say "Don't get hung up on a dude. He's just a guy. Theres more to life" 

Not just that, All of her songs sound the same. They seem like they have the same chords played in a different progression..... Not so sure how talented someone is when they can't even be original....

I'm not telling you to stop listening to her songs, They've just been annoying.Shes like this role model to a lot of these girls because she acts like such a goodie two shoes, but really her songs are like those silent killers that you never knew could be so harmful. All these girls are going to say to themselves, If men are SOOOOO important to my happiness, and mental well being, I must have the first man that I can find!!!!"

Now for the songs that I do LOVE about love. I'm a huge sucker for romantic songs, actually romantic songs with a side serving of lust.

Here they are, and I can't describe how I feel about them because you will see a part of me you do not want to see ;)
Wicked game- Chris Isaak
Copacabana- Barry Manilow
I'm on fire- Bruce "The Boss"
Crash into me- Dave Matthews Band
You are the best thing- Ray La Montagne
By your side- Sade
Poison cup- M. Ward
If- Bread
Strangers in the night- Frank Sinatra
He stopped loving her today- George Jones

Please don't hate me for the Taylor Swift thing up there, Let me tell you: I was was a pretty big fan of hers for the longest time. I know how her fans feel, but I just don't any more.


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