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Nissan Quest '97 GONE :(
 So, my mom sold the Nissan Quest. I have to say, I don't want to go outside and see it missing from its usual curbside spot. I'm gonna miss driving the old sucker. It was silver, and so comfortable. Driving a mini van is so much different than driving a sedan and my mom wants to get me a Toyota Corolla. I guess I'm happy, but I like big cars, and i loved the feeling I got from being higher up than regular cars. I know it sounds weird, but i loved the way you could FEEL the acceleration running through ur veins, and how you could feel the road. Newer cars pride themselves on giving the smoothest ride possible, and I hate that. It doesn't feel like a car to me, and i don't feel like im in control...

No ones gonna love it as much as I loved it. I just didn't know it.


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