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Writer's Block: Love songs
What are the best and worst love songs of all time? Are there any that have special meaning to you (whether positive or negative)? Why?

I don't agree with the "Tone Deaf" part of it. The rest pretty much describes what my article is set to prove.

This is going to make me a hella lot of enemies in the girl department, but I gotta say it. Taylor Swift. I feel that, if any woman gets soo much media attention that she could sing about anything and people would listen to her, and shes going around singing about heart break, and longing for guys she can't get. I feel like it's just helping other teenage girls to be dependent for life on the guy in their lives. i find her songs extremely demoralizing., and I stopped listening to her a while ago. when you realize that ALL she sings about is guys, and crushes, and LOOOVEEE, it's just disgusting. I like Pink! no matter how many songs she sings about love, and heart break, she has more songs on female empowerment. But I feel that Taylor has more of an opportunity among teenage girls to say "Don't get hung up on a dude. He's just a guy. Theres more to life" 

Not just that, All of her songs sound the same. They seem like they have the same chords played in a different progression..... Not so sure how talented someone is when they can't even be original....

I'm not telling you to stop listening to her songs, They've just been annoying.Shes like this role model to a lot of these girls because she acts like such a goodie two shoes, but really her songs are like those silent killers that you never knew could be so harmful. All these girls are going to say to themselves, If men are SOOOOO important to my happiness, and mental well being, I must have the first man that I can find!!!!"

Now for the songs that I do LOVE about love. I'm a huge sucker for romantic songs, actually romantic songs with a side serving of lust.

Here they are, and I can't describe how I feel about them because you will see a part of me you do not want to see ;)
Wicked game- Chris Isaak
Copacabana- Barry Manilow
I'm on fire- Bruce "The Boss"
Crash into me- Dave Matthews Band
You are the best thing- Ray La Montagne
By your side- Sade
Poison cup- M. Ward
If- Bread
Strangers in the night- Frank Sinatra
He stopped loving her today- George Jones

Please don't hate me for the Taylor Swift thing up there, Let me tell you: I was was a pretty big fan of hers for the longest time. I know how her fans feel, but I just don't any more.

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I am so relieved to find at least ONE other person who doesn´t like Taylor Swift! Honestly, I don´t see her attraction- at all.

I was totally surprised watching how many awards she got at several award shows. IMHO, she´s a bore. Sorry. I know you used to like her. I never have.

And I like some of your song choices! I don´t know all of them, though. Only 4. lol!

Oh! And you listen to Beethoven! I LOVE his music.

I could've put Beethoven as ony of my love song choices, but I didn't know which one to pick. I Love classical music. I don't understand how someone couldn't.

Check them out. if you even liked some of them like you said, i think you'll like all of them. I know the ones you're talking about haha. bread and ray la Montagne?? haha. yeah. I just stumbled on these songs and I totally love them.

Actually, I´ve never heard of bread and Ray Montagne. Ever. Does that mean I´m a square? lol!

They're a kind of one-hit wonders so I'm not surprised. But the songs listed above by them are unbelievable.

Not a big fan of Taylor Swift...

I'm also a sucker for romantic songs... but coming from Taylor Swift, no.

Sometimes I feel like the only teenaged girl who does not like Taylor Swift. :(

Thank God, others feel the same way. TBH, I would never let my daughter listen to music that makes her feel so powerless....

I like Taylor Swift. Nice List

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