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Reacton to the musical collaboration to raise $$ for Haiti
It pisses me off that the good people can't do shit, but the rich people refuse to do shit. I see all these musicians, actors, actreses, producers etc.. with so much money and money literally crawling out of their asses and they expect you to love them because they showed up at this charity event. Well, No duhh, you little fucker. The whole country was watching you to take a step, no shit you're gonna donate. And even when they do donate its like such a small amount. yeah, 250k raised from a event attended by Kidman, Cruz, Penn, Bardem, when each of them definitely earns more than three times that amount for a single appearance; FACT: Julia Roberts earned 3 million dollars for appearing in a movie for 6 minutes. FACT: A Rwandan farmer earns $123 a year. yeah thanks, but no thanks!.  And watch these beloved celebs when there isn't a natural disaster, or a highly publicized calamity, they won't take their time to spit in someones face . If I had such an immense amount of wealth, i literally would not know what to do with it except give it away. How many houses, SUVs, handbags and shoes does it take a human being to realize that they are not alone in this world?

Normal people have the excuse of having their children's colleges to pay for, making next months' mortgage, what excuse do these movie stars have??? buying your third house in France, and a St. Barts vacation does not qualify of necessity in my book. A Cadillac Escalade ≠ Necessity. The 30 million dollar piece of art you bought? Might as well have told a dying child to hurry it up already. He was taking up too much oxygen.i don't know if you believe in God or heaven, or paying for your sins, but doesn't a voice in your soul tell you that this is wrong?

i hope they burn in hell for this. Don't judge me for this comment, because if you had ever been out of the states and Europe you would've realized that the peoples definition of poor isn't food stamps or being on welfare. It is not knowing if you can put food on the table tomorrow, or making the choice between your child's education or saving that money. I literally saw children the age when you didn't even know how to tie your laces, selling gum on the streets. And you call those people savages. Look at them, they don't wear shoes, ewww why are they eating that, why are they dressed so dirty? Check yourself. The soles of their feet many be dirtier than yours, but compared to your heart, they are wayy cleaner.

I'm not saying that its a bad thing they have money. Its great actually, they earned it by hard work and perseverance. More power to you, my man. But I'm tired of people suddenly fawning over a celebrity who donates less than .05% of their earnings.
The only thing I've ever honestly wanted to do ever since I was young, was volunteer to the Peace Corps. (except I didn't know what it was called back then), people scoffed, called it a momentary spark of passion, they said "when you're older and make no money in it, You'll see" so I started saying I wanted to be a journalist. This world is ruled by money, for better or for worse, Money is the currency of the realm. Apathy is the worst kind of sin you can commit. It is the worst kind of hate in that it is worse than hate.

i could go on forever, but I'm sensing i've taken too much of your time.

P.S: i wrote this when i was extremely pissed. When i say "you" in the 3rd paragraph, I don't mean you guys <3

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A journalist can do a hell of a lot of good in the world by showing people that kinda stuff.
But hey, the Peace Corp sounds like a wonderful ambition to me.

Yeah. But I want to do something that directly impacts people in need. We've seen how well the awareness method works out. People will look away from their TV screens long enough to say "Oh thats terrible" And they'll go back to their food. you can't rely on others to change the world.

But yes. Journalism is one of the most amazing careers I can think of. (that i have a shot at) but Peace Corps is a definite for me. Its just a matter of when I have enough money to volunteer my time to it.

That makes sense, And I agree about the awareness method, but I do personally believe awareness is important for real changes to happen.

My fiance (Alex) is a construction engineer and he is happiest doing projects that make real, tangible improvements in people's lives. He was working for a while on remote aboriginal community housing because it meant so much to him to help them. My best friend Goatsfoot (she has a livejournal by that name :-) she is really creative too!), her partner is a lawyer who works for legal aid, giving the disadvantaged people proper legal representation. I know what you mean about the difference in perception about what poverty means. There are a lot of people in the Northern Territory living in 3rd world conditions :-( These are the people my fiance was building houses for and Goatsfoot's partner represents.

I gotta ask, you have been outside the US to poorer countries? Why are you so aware of this all yourself?

I was born in Pakistan, left for the U.A.E five years later. Lived in UAE for about seven years, moved back to Pakistan for a year, Came to the US. Have been here since.

This previous summer, I went back there to see my dad who still hasn't gotten his visa yet. Thats where I saw the little children selling and begging. i swear to God its a life changing experience, You have never seen humans who live in such a starkly different atmosphere before.

But I also understand the importance of people who make a difference in whatever job they do have. Thanks to your husband and your friends' husband a lot of people believe in humanity again.

Wow, interesting story. No wonder you are so passionate about it! Sorry to hear your father isn't able to be with you in the US. Do you live with your mum there? Sorry if I am getting a bit personal, I am just curious :-)

Trust me. I really don't believe in keeping secrets. most none of my journals are 'Friends only'. You can ask me anything. yeah. i live with my mom, my brother and my aunts family. I love them, so i don't mind it one bit! yeah, but I love my dad too. hes the most amazing person, hes such a powerful speaker too. When he talks, everyone listens. haha. I think thats where I got the Journalism career from.

Sounds nice, your family. I am glad you admire your father so much, too. Mine was pretty terrible, which you will figure out before long if you read my journal.

I stopped keeping secrets too, when I finally was able to speak out about my father's abuse. My then-husband spoke openly about it too. He said "It was secrets that allowed it to happen in the first place."
He is right. So it is important to me to speak freely about these things (when appropriate :-)

oh thats terrible. I feel so bad for people who don't get along with their parents. I don't think i have the capacity to truly comprehend how that must feel, but your husband seems like he has a good head on his shoulders and he IS right. I don't think I could die without at least one person knowing what a wonderful/surprising/crazy/interesting life I've had. so i don't have any secrets that I can think of. but then again, i AM really young to have dark secrets. touche.

Thanks. It helps when people care and understand, and understand they can never really understand all at once!

I am glad you are open about your life :-)

I love the brutal passion

Anything that comes from your heart will have its beat. its a lot like the poems you write.

I understand why you are pissed by those wealthy people. I personally also experienced wealthy people trying to "really" help - for instance by offering free medical services (
I couldn't bear the life of a journalist. It would mean just to report about the tragedy but without an active role.

It takes ignorance to remain happy and rich when you see all the suffering and injustice in the world.

Thats the only thing i hate about the career. you are specifically told not to interfere with the area. if you've ever seen the vulture watching the child picture, thats what was going on. The photographer was not allowed to touch the children.

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