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You are so BLACK.
Have you ever noticed that in the newspaper, if a black person achieves something,  Media outlets will be like "African American Joseph Smith first man to fly solo" etc... But if its a white person, they'll just write the achievement in the headline. Well, this was the debate in Law In Action class, a lot of people were offended that newspapers' would draw attention to the fact. 

I think I'm the minority in this, but that we're still at the point in history where African Americans achieving something needs to be congratulated. ... . Racism still exists, we're not at the place where we can say racism has disappeared. That time will not come till we stop stereotyping. I know there are people going to say, we can never get past racism if we don't treat everyone equally? I think, that's a slap in the face. That;s like saying, "Well. Too bad what happened to you, but get over it" There's a point when moving forward is productive, there are a lot of feelings here, and we need to take the moving forward thing slowly.

Same thing with Obama being the first Black president. I think its not irritating at all when they specifically mention his race. NOT mentioning race, i think would be kind of trying to make it not that big of a deal. Which I feel like it is, Should it be the constant by which you measure his success in office? Absolutely Not. But the fact that he is the first BLACK president I think is a source of pride for a lot of african americans, and immigrants. It's a beautiful thing. The FIRST black president just five decades after they were even legally equal to whites. It's amazing, and definitely worth mentioning. I think this is a tribute to all those that spent their whole lives being treated less than human. Their achievements were not even properly attributed to them.

Note that I am the person completely ANTI- Affirmative action, So I think race is never a deciding factor in a persons' worth, but if mentioning it makes someone's chest swell with pride, Go right ahead.
There;s some sort of controversy I think with the mention in the media of someones race specifically. And I think I'm going to get widely varying views on this. What do you think?

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i don't they need to do that. i mean if we're all equal, why does it matter what race a person is? then again, racism still exists today.

Exactly. I think we need to admit that racism is still a part of society, and I feel like mentioning African Americans' achievements sort of shows the world how far we've come. From he country that once feared assimilations of the races, to the country that is proud of the advances the diverse culture has made.

I agree with what you're saying. Celebrating Obama's race goes a little way to at least highlighting the progress modern society has made towards removing racism from the world. Some people would call it positive prejudice but I wouldn't. At old job I had, there was this one guy I worked with who was not only lazy and constantly late, but a complete sexist, insulting pig, yet my boss wouldn't fire him because he was black, and because he didn't want the guy in question or everyone else to think he was discriminating against him because of his race. Which really, I think, is far more racist than if he had just fired him in the first place.

I'm not defending that person. That happens with every race, I doubt its just that race. My aunt owns a small business and she didn't fire someone like that because she was from her country... I'm saying that there is absolutely nothing wrong with mentioning someones race in a newspaper headline. It's a part of your identity and living in America doesn't change who you are.

Oh, I know, lol, I was just pointing out an actual instance of race-related positive prejudice, whereas stating that a person is African-American in a newspaper article is nothing like that. I'm pretty sure that it's been proven time and time again that if a person is reading a book or an article about somebody and they don't see a photograph or an illustration of that particular somebody to go with it and their race is not specified, then the subject of the article is assumed to be white about 90% of the time. So unfortunately, distinctions such as the ones you were talking about are a necessity in most cases.

Agreed with the users here

I still notice that some people still say, "There goes that white boy walking by." or something like that, sometime these irritates me. Do we REALLY have to label people like that?

Thats different.. The only situation I identified in my entry was when they were mentioned in the press.

Yeah, I know but even though in the media, usually celebrities like Obama - the first black president - they're all humans so basically we're the same...

I think its about time they got recognized. I'm not saying they're better, but I think its not insulting when race is specifically mentioned. Now, If someone said "This race is better than that race" We have a problem. But I feel like it makes them proud to be African Americans when just a few decades ago they were treated like second class citizens and their achievements were not recognized. I think its about time they were.

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