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I like this shirt better
 So yesterday, I wore a shirt with a Marijuana leaf on it. I thought it'd be proving a point ya know? And plus, I live in the most uptight, white, republicanized  neighborhood around. So I wanted to piss people off. I got to school, and of course everyone STARED. The teachers were cool with it, and so were the students. Most of them just applauded, and cheered me on. At the end of the day I went to the library and the guy told me to zip up my hoodie. I zipped it up halfway, so he kicked me out. that was funny. 

lol. so today at school, the teachers and that librarian was like "I like your shirt today" LOL. But it wasn't a rebel without a cause issue. I really think Marijuana needs to be legalized..... And it gives me a temporary high to see people freak out. 

Oh and at the gym, this pregnant lady was freaking out, and said I LOVE YOUR SHIRT. That was a little bit scary. lololl.

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xD I'm glad I'm not in high school anymore. I graduated a few years ago but I'm aware that my school would immediately kick anyone out with an inappropriate graphic tee, like beers, marijuana, guns, and stuff like that. They wouldn't care, they'd just call the parents to pick their kid up and change the shirt and come right back to school. Yeah. My high school sucks.

OR teachers would punish the kids and wear their old dirty sweaters or something.. yeah.

hahaaa. I'm pretty sure they woukld've, but the administrators just didn't see it. Our school is overpopulated. Its ridiculous. But I think that, if it bothers you, don't look at it!

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