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Size 1 Aspirations
 You know the frustrating feeling of wanting something NEEDING something and not being able to have it? I bet you do. I see all these models with purrr-fect bodies and I am not jealous of theirs because I know I can look like that. But its really been a while. When i got a gym membership I thought it'd be a thing where I just put all my energy towards it for a while and it'd eventually happen. But its been three months and no results. My weight fluctuates between 115 to 118 lbs but I do have a chubby midsection/thighs. This is not something I obsess over, but when i was 13,14,15, I saw all these skinny models, I knew i could have their bodies when I grew up, just not then ya know? You're a kid, you want to enjoy life not go on a diet regiment! But now as I near adulthood with my seventeenth birthday just two days away, I wonder if I will forever be that woman that looks at other womens' bodies and envies them, but finds relief in the fact that she could have that body just if she wanted it bad enough? This is really not to hurt any overweight/chubby people. I hope that you can be happy with yourself, as long as you are healthy. I'm not saying that everyone should look alike, but I want to be able to look good in a tight top goddamnit. I know my reasons are pretty weak, but right now they sort of dominate everything else.

I am a very nice person, and I do care about others, so don't let this tirade let you think any less of me please. This is more of a resolution making thread. Here are my plans to compliment that $450 gym membership:

Drink at least 5 glasses of water a day. Carry a water bottle at all times
Eat breakfast
Stop eating after 8 p.m. (this is going to be very interesting)
DO NOT succumb to pressure to buy sweets (soda, muffins, pop tarts)
Eat at least one fruit a day.


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