In the wild world i would seduce you with words

Jamoca: A little taste of heaven
Have you ever tried the ice cream flavor Jamoca® w/ chocolate fudge ribbon?  I swear, If there were a modern day, Adam & Eve, This would be their forbidden fruit. hahaa. So, The first time I tasted heaven, was last year in Georgia around summer break. We went to Baskin-Robbins, and I was sitting there, and my aunt convinced me to try it. I rarely deviate from my boring ol' Cookies and Creme, because i learned that lesson the last time I did,  had to go through the nauseous taste of Mint. (YUCK!) It was Haagen Dazs Mint chip, so you would think it'd be good. But you'd be wrong. ANYWAYS, back to the Georgia story.
So, I'm sitting there, and kind of hating my decision, it looked like a rip off version of chocolate ice cream. Just then, I notice the TV in the BR is playing this totally gorgeous newsreporter, who I'm completely engrossed by even though I can't hear shit. And then someone hands me my kiddie scoop of Jamoca®, and without even looking, I taste it. Sweet mother of all things good and heavenly. I'm a huge crazy person for anything that tastes like coffee except coffee. This ice cream is literally like oral sex for your throat(I don't know if that makes sense). I swear, try it and let me know how it goes, but be forewarned. NEVER get the almond Jamoca. If you see the Baskin-robbins worker reach for it, run like the devils at your tail. I'm not liable for your money if you end up throwing that away.

Anyways, I was just thinking about ice cream, because I have this Ben & Jerry's 'Birthday Special' tub of ice cream sitting in my freezer and I was contemplating whether the lbs will be worth it..

Priority #1 Stop being Lazy
I'm really going to have to start posting every day. I need to stop thinking that I'm an above-average writer, and start practicing it more often. I always took it for granted- the fact that I could do a good job writing a story, putting thoughts into words when I needed to. The problem is, I only did it when I absolutely had to, for a grade, that's it. That is going to be one hell of a problem considering, that I'm actually seriously hoping to make a career out of it. And Thankfully, Now I know laziness will get me nowhere. Thats the crap you have to deal with being a pisces. You got talent, but you got no drive. You got intelligence, but no street smarts. Fuck that. Gotta do something with this life of mine. The 'living in the moment' shit is..... well- shit. You gotta plan, you gotta think about where you wanna be tomorrow and how you gonna get there.

Yes. I realize my grammar just got more and more ghetto. Leave me alone. its four in the morning and I can't see what I'm typing.

Beautiful Poem
 Please take a moment out of your hectic lives to appreciate the invaluable nature of life. After listening to this seven minute poem, Your life and problems will seem a whole lot smaller. Take a moment, take a deep breath before you listen to it.

Writer's Block: 2010 Health & Fitness Goals
What are your health and fitness goals for 2010? Do you have a plan for how to achieve them?

hmmm. I feel like I need to lose weight. I'm currently 117 lbs. My weight goal, where I'll finally be completely confident with my body would be at about 105 lbs. But i don't plan to achieve this by starving myself, trust me. I couldn't do it that way if i wanted to. I recently bought a membership to the gym and have been working out there since mid January. But I kind of vary my workouts every time i go there. Treadmill, weight lifting (which is my guilty pleasure), Rowing, etc.. Currently I try to workout at least 4 times a week, but there is seriously an impediment to the plans at the moment due to the snow. 


 "Doing Donuts"

When you turn your car around and around in circles till the snow falls off the roof of the car. Generally not advisable, because you see its still quite slippery outside. But very amusing to watch. 

Killing in the name of......?

Oh my God. Seriously? Another Terrorist attack in Pakistan:
This one happened in Karachi. 25 dead. 

Americans love to put all the foreigners into one big basket with a ribbon on it. Those people are terrorists. Pakistan harbors terrorists. What does that sound like to you? That the common everyday man living there is supporting and encouraging what these extremists are doing. But the truth is, We're embarrassed by these thoughtless, Godless bastards who have resorted to killing their own people for revenge. I went there last summer, and the country really isn't rich enough to withstand these attacks. Poor and undeveloped places are too many, and these attacks will only slow the progression of this country. The last attack that I remember that truly boggled my mind was the attack on Islamabad University. Really? Attacking education. A place where people come to earn knowledge? 

The one thing that pissed me off about the Nuclear attack on Hiroshima (among other things) was that it was attack on defenseless civilians. The Japanese attacked the Pearl Harbor, a naval base. American movies have inflamed opinions of the american people against the japanese by saying it was a necessary step in order to protect our homeland. sure it was, but really, you're gonna be a pussy and attack their citizens? In my eyes, thats what these terrorists are doing. Attacking innocent human beings, not fighting like a man with people who have guns and have an opportunity to protect themselves. Its like shooting somebody in the back. An act of cowardice. 

Why us? Why the religion that is supposed to advocate love, and brotherhood and respect. Why us? the people are were once famous for their respect for life, for diversity and God have come to be synonymous with terrorism?

Dreams of Scuba Divers..
 I have not been anywhere farther than my front porch in the last week or so, and its depressing the hell out of me. First we have the ridiculous 24 inches of snow, and it just keeps getting worse. I shovel my moms mini van out of the snow, and it starts snowing again. Thats just great, isn't it? Its times like these when I want to live in North Carolina, or South Carolina. somewhere where weather is at least a little bit predictable. well, I don't really know if it is, but I've read a book 'Message in a Bottle' and the dude who lives in NC seems pretty happy with his life. Plus, he's a scuba diver. And thats an instantaneous yes from me. I love the beach and anything to do with the beach. 

So, what do you do when you're stuck home all day long? You watch The Bachelor, of course! Seriously. Jake has to be the most boring bachelor in the shows history. The man is so seemingly perfect that, it makes me suspicious. Everyone has those quirks and thats what makes a person interesting, pretending to be a goodie two shoes really shouldn't make anyone want to spend their lives with you, but the women on the show seem to eat it all up. But he IS a pilot, and women drop their panties for pilots so I get that I guess. 

Sports Photography
Okay, So I'm the Photographer for the school newspaper, a title I'm hellishly proud of. Fuck, I feel like an elite. Free event Passes, Getting in on the sidelines just because you have a important looking camera around your neck, Meeting people you never would've met otherwise. Really, Photography is amazing, but I do have a problem with taking pictures of sports. I have a good understanding of portraying drama in a picture, I get that, but Sports Photography is hard as hell. Now, I usually know what I need a picture of, but I suck at actually catching that on camera. The last time, I was supposed to take a picture of a Powderpuff game, but i ended up capturing a heated argument between the coach and a player... lol. got a lot compliments, but it reminded me how i needed to work hard.

All was well, until I got assigned to the Football game. OH MY LORD. Now, It's not that I'd be distracted because they were attractive. they might be, but i've never thought of any of them that way. They're fucking brutes. So, I show up, and my assignment only required a picture of one player (#2 Andre) so i don't even waste time catching the game, but i did stand on the sidelines, ya know... to seem important :/ BAD IDEA. So heres how it went down.

1) Someone always ended up in front of me. i mean, i know I'm not that tall (5'4) but COME ON! Really?
2) Numerous times I thought someone brushed a hand against my butt, but I couldn't be too sure.
3) They spit. Left and right,
4) They look at you like they can undress you with their FUCKING eyes.
4) The game is really not that fun. It really isn't. Two seconds in, someone gets tackled.
5) I saw my crush and i literally died. He's so goddamn beautiful, and he looked at me, and you have no idea he has the biggest, lightest brown eyes I have ever seen. And to think I saw him, when the whole stadium was full :/

My Life. Do you care?
lol. I know the title sounds like I'm a complaining idiot. I'm not (sometimes). I'm just skeptical that someone would actually care to read about my life. I drown out when people talk about theirs, so I'll try to start this with the least expectations of traffic possible. I will try to keep this updated every day. Though my life seems uninteresting, the constant effort by me to make it interesting is well worth documenting. I'm weird.
A bit about myself: 
Name: Ujala (The name is so uncommon that hiding my last name does nothing, but for the sake of appearances. oh well)
Date of birth: Original: March 17th,1993 + Fake, but Legal: August 17th,1993 (Long story,will get to it later) 
Hobbies: Gossip, Classic Cars, Classic movies, Old Actors (Marlon Brando, James Dean/Stewart, George Peppard)

My Personality (according to me, so you know, read with discretion: I'm a very nice person, I do tend to do some shit that might discourage you to believe that, but trust me, I've lived with myself for longer than you have, It'll kill me slowly and very painfully if i hurt someones feelings. I'm fun to hang with I guess, but i have too many convictions, So you'll probably hear a lot of opinions, which is a trait I have a hate/love relationship with.


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